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Wonderful gelato case "regina"

was $ $3999.99
I am writing to you with a proposition that is too hard to refuse. You are in the process of adding Gelato to your establishment because you finally realized that the addition would guarantee you at least a 10% increase in sales for your cafe, pizzeria, coffee house, etc. but you are faced with the prospect of having to spend upwards of 10/15/25 grand for just the display cabinet. The sales person was convincing when they suggested that offering a multitude of flavors would turn out to be a winner. Wrong! Anything bigger than this cabinet belongs to a very elite one-two percent of establishments that call themselves "Gelateria". You need one of those 24-pan cases like you need a hole in your head but nobody told you so before me. So, I urge you before making any commitment on that big monster, to call me at (***)-640-3131 and that way I will be able to explain to you why it is more profitable to have this beautiful "Regina" case in your place than anything else in the world.
Wonderful gelato case