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Computerwise TT5A terminal, auction is for 3 units

Introduced in 1985, the TRANSTERM 5 remains one of today's most economical solutions to industrial data entry applications, particularly when both keyentry and bar code scanning are needed
In such applications as employee time and attendance, work flow tracking, inventory and job cost control and reporting, the TransTerm 5 has the flexibility to adapt to almost any application specific demands found in industry today.
The TransTerm 5 is small and easy for those without computer savvy to operate due to its efficient and simple layout. The two line, 48 character LCD display has ample capacity for computer generated prompts and instructions as well as for operator entered data to be simultaneously displayed.
The standard RS-232 communications interface provides the means to directly connect the TransTerm 5 to most computer systems. Plus, the optional bar code input and the optional RS-422 TNET interface allows up to 250 terminals to be connected on a common network into a central network controller which then hooks to the host computer via an RS232 communications port. Also available is an offtheshelf data collection program called WINNET for a WIN 9x / NT type computer which can shorten implementation time. There are also numerous third-party sources for turn-key application software which are compatible with the TransTerm 5 as well as other models of our terminals
Computerwise, Inc. Model: TT5-00 Data Terminal
* Has 25Pin Female Connection
* Here for more detail: http:// /netwterm/tt5.htm
Computerwise TT5A terminal, auction is for 3 units