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Canon colorpass Z7400 rip (efi) fiery for clc copiers

For extreme printing requirements, Canon is introducing the ColorPASS Z7400 colour server: a breakthrough
solutions. The server-class ColorPASS Z7400 is expressly designed to bring a quantum leap in power
to high-level production printing environments, an improvement that exceeds all current expectations
level of performance for the most complex documents. With unmatched colour output, extensive variable
data printing support and the Fiery Graphic Arts Package combined with production automation and
workflow management features, the ColorPASS Z7400 stands at the forefront of the next generation of
Industry-leading performance is achieved through the extremely fast architecture of the ColorPASS Z7400
combined with colour management, production technology and workflow features optimised for that
architecture. Dual Pentium 4 Xeon processors of at least 2.8 GHz are standard, along with RAID 0 data
striping on dual 160GB ATA-100 hard drives and 1GB of standard memory. Process and produce
documents in speeds double or triple the usual performance of other high-speed printing systems.
No print job is too complex for the Canon ColorPASS Z7400. Even for intensive variable data printing,
this Fiery server can eliminate production bottlenecks.
With unmatched support for variable data languages, including Fiery FreeForm , the industry standard
Personalised Print Mark-up Language (PPML) and compatibility with the most extensive range of VDP
languages, the Canon ColorPASS Z7400 easily integrates variable data printing into any workflow.
The premium Canon ColorPASS Z7400 redefines performance colour digital printing, making it the ideal
high-end, mission critical solution for the ultimate in speed and processing power.
FIERY COLORWISE: in-RIP colour management software
FIERY NETWISE: enables ColorPASS servers to connect easily and seamlessly to all our popular
COMMAND WORKSTATION 4: designed to make centralised print job management easy.
FIERY DRIVER 2: set up, submit and monitor a print job with the single intuitive interface.
DOCBUILDER PRO 2.2: edit and assemble entire documents quickly, before RIPping the files.
GRAPHIC ARTS PACKAGE: comprehensive set of tools to help achieve the vision of colour and
The job and production management capabilities
in the ColorPASS Z7400 are designed to meet the
needs of extreme printing environments where
there is an ongoing need to improve productivity
and conserve valuable resources, especially engine
Assemble documents with different paper media
in a single print job. Mixed media support allows
you to specify different media types which can be
applied to an individual page or range of pages.
This enables you to define media type and paper
source for defined paper ranges.
In addition to technology for managing the print
environment, the Canon ColorPASS Z7400 colour
server features technology for enhancing the most
demanding printing workflows. Start with Command
WorkStation , whose single interface manages
the inputs and outputs for the most complex jobs
and with the Canon ColorPASS Z74000, prints them
The ColorPASS Z7400 offers integration with Velocity
Workflow Software, which provides a complete
output management suite for production printing
environments offering the ability to manage
multiple engines and balance jobs across them.
Developed to address the specific requirements of
graphic arts professionals, the Fiery Graphic Arts
Package is a comprehensive set of tools to achieve
consistently accurate colour and print quality. It lets
you adhere to industry standards and simulate the
characteristics of other output processes, while
providing conveniences to enhance workflow.
Store, manage, and conveniently re-use RIPped
objects in networked Fiery servers. The global
objects can be viewed and deleted as defined
in PPML and other object-based languages on
connected Fierys. These global objects are
installed on the Fiery servers through
compatible VDP client applications.
Fast Merge accelerates stream object merging
to enhance variable data printing for pages rich
in image content. It enables variable data print
runs to incorporate multiple images while
maintaining maximum productivity.
PrintShop Mail is application independent and
allows you to integrate an unlimited number of
text and graphic elements from a database into
the layout of a document. You have the freedom
of using layouts created in a word processor or
desktop publishing program and the ability to
read databases in a range of formats, including
DBF, text and Microsoft Access. There is support
for many VDP languages including PS, Fiery
Enhanced Variable Data Printing Solutions
30 2, Shimomaruko 3-Chome, Ohta-ku
Europe, Africa and Middle East
P.O. Box 2262, 1180 EG Amstelveen,
Canon Europa N.V., 2003 (0404)
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CLC s Supported: CLC4000 and CLC5100
Hardware Intel Dual Xeon @ 2.8 GHz x2
Additional Hardware Graphic Arts Software Kit
/Software DocBuilder Pro v2.2
Document Printing RIP-While-Print
Networking Features Windows Support
RJ45 for on-board 10/100/1000
Peer-to-Peer Windows Printing
Colour Management ColorWise Version 3
Calibrator/ES-1000/X-Rite DTP
Independent RGB, PANTONE and
PANTONE Spot Colour Management
Automatic Black Overprinting
Colour Charts & Reference Pages
Colour Rendering Dictionaries
Workflow Management Command WorkStation
Scan multiple pages with ADF
Page Descriptions Adobe PostScript 3
Memory Management ECT Compression
Power Supply Auto switching: 90 240 VAC
& Consumption 50 60 Hz for global use
Maximum total continuous output:
Dimensions 602mm (H) x 305mm (W)
Canon colorpass Z7400 rip (efi) fiery for clc copiers Canon colorpass Z7400 rip (efi) fiery for clc copiers Canon colorpass Z7400 rip (efi) fiery for clc copiers