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Binocular stereo dissecting microscope 10X-15X-30X-45X

BINOCULAR STEREO DISSECTING MICROSCOPE 10X-15X-30X-45X This binocular stereo microscope comes with four magnification power settings, 10X, 15X, 30X & 45X, and a versatile illumination system that provides both incident (top) lighting and transmitted (bottom) lighting. You can choose between incident illumination shining down onto the object or transmitted illumination through the frosted stage plate. The first is used for the observation of three-dimensional objects and the second for the observation of slides. This microscope offers high resolution and good depth within a broad field of view. It gives sharp clear stereo images. Its 45 inclined binocular head ensures an easy observation and rubber eyeguards provide further comfort. This microscope is useful for many applications. It can be used in geology, forestry, archaeology, agriculture and biology. It is appropriate for educational purposes in hospitals and schools. It is great for the exploration of the world of surface details and fine structures of various materials like wood, metal, solder, semiconductor and stone. It is perfect for the examination of insects, plants, rocks, stamps, coins, jewel, soldered points, microelectronic components or virtually any three dimensional objects. This scope is an ideal tool for watchmaker, jeweler, engraver, dies-maker, philatelist, coin collector, students, and etc. It comes with first-class quality and affordable price. It is brand new in factory-sealed box.
Brand Name: AmScope Model No: SE305-PY Retail Value: $700
* Microscope at an Affordable Price
* Four Magnification Power Settings: 10X, 15X, 30X & 45X
* Lowest Price for the Same Guaranteed or the Difference Back
* Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back
* Widefield Eyepieces: WF10X & WF15X
* One Pair of Widefield 15X Eyepiece
Binocular stereo dissecting microscope 10X-15X-30X-45X