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Baileigh cs-275EU cold saw 11" metal cutting saw

CS-275EU Check it out on our website http:// /saws/manual-coldsaw-275eu.php The CS-275-EU cold saw is a powerful 110 volt machine that uses a 11 blade allowing it to cut up to 3-1/4 round tubingas well as various shapes and materials like pipe, angle iron, solid bar, and channel materials.This cold saw is capable of cutting at a miter of 45 degrees in either direction making it perfect for jobslike marine rails, playground equipment, hand railing, and various chassis applications.
Like all EU coldsaws this one comes standard with a sturdy stand, heavy cast base, simple to use control panel, coolant system and material stop rod.
The vise has a taper lock and material hold block for the cut piece to ensure long blade life.
The powerful cutting head has the manual pull down trigger arm with spring return, proper guarding and a free blade as standard.
This quality coldsaw has been built for years of service in any medium use fabrication shop.
Baileigh cs-275EU cold saw 11